Hatem’s Welcome Drinks:

It's pronounced Ha-tem, Hat-em, or حاتم.

not Hat-iim or hate-em. I don’t hate nobody.

if all that explanation and these hyperlinks under my name fail, just call me hot-damn. it sounds the same.

What can i say, Egyptian names are hard as fuck.

Oh I’m the working professional who curses in his bio.

I study both Copywriting and Art Direction at Miami Ad School.

Also a drummer and the fashion model Calvin Klein can’t afford - these pictures prove it.

The Main Dish:

Craft, craft, craft.

Perseverance and hard work.

A set of ears I know how to use. 

Passion, dedication, an open mind and a lot of laughs.

Dessert And The Cherry On Top:

I read, watch and breathe all things creative. 

I joke, laugh and make people do both. 

I’m a muscular, social butterfly who parties hard and puts twerking to shame with his horrible dancing.

I lift mad weight while fantasizing about junk food. 

I hate using the letter “I”. I really do.

Hatem writes motivational pieces and blogs with inspiring videos. 

Check, please?

He also loves coffee, whiskey, and both combined. 

Let’s have one, the other, perhaps another, and talk business. My treat.