The MAsk

I used this mask to symbolize the work I would like to create:

empowering, limitless and motivational.

This is the mask of Joey Jordison, the ex-drummer of the famous metal band Slipknot.

He was fired after 10+ years in an e-mail because he was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, a disease that hinders the brain’s commands to the body. So in his case, his brain was not able to tell his arms and legs to move. 

This obviously affected his drumming, but instead of the band giving him a chance and some time to overcome his illness, he was immediately kicked out… in a freakin’ e-mail. 

And now he is back and better than ever, just not with Slipknot. 

so added to the fact that we are both drummers,

this is what i call empowering, limitless and motivational.