2019 - New York Festivals - 3rd Prize Award (Avant-Garde/Innovative Category)

2019 - New York Festivals - Winner (Digital/Mobile Category)

2019 - Hermes Creative Awards - Platinum Winner 

2019 - Creative Conscience - Commended

2019 - Muse Creative Award - Silver

2019 - Communication Arts Advertising - Winner

2019 - CMYK Top New Creatives

2019 - Applied Arts Awards - Winner

2019 - Applied Arts Awards - Online And Physical Publication

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The Drum Chip Shop Awards USA (Competing Against Professional Agencies)

2019 - Award Nomination - (Invent Your Own Category)

2019 - Award Nomination - (Best Digital Category)

The problem with how the news reaches us today, is that it’s not usually our choice what we read.

Tailored algorithms on social media platforms populate our feeds with news articles that only confirm what we already believe about the world.

Banner Ads are The one thing that follows us everywhere, regardless of social media’s algorithms.

Introducing The Parallax Banner Ad, an interactive banner ad whose algorithm processes the article you’re reading and offers a Times headline on the same topic, but with a different view.